Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eat My Heart Out List of Selected Works

(u)ntitled and CAO would like to thank all of you who submitted artwork for consideration to the Eat My Heart Outexhibition.  We received many lovely pieces depicting the monsterous side of love.  So many that  we were only able to use a few.  An anonymous jury selected the artwork to be displayed.  We looked for work that stayed close to our theme and was appropriate to hang in a public gallery as well as trying to include a variety of media. Below we have listed the names of those people whose artwork was chosen.  If your name is not listed you can pick up your artwork Monday through Thursday 10-4 at the Wignall Museum. 

Thank you so much for contributing to our show, and be on the lookout for another opportunity to show your artwork in the future.

Sheila Taylor, President, (u)ntitled: The Wignall Curatorial Club

Minh Vo

Daniel Whitfield

Jimmy Purcell

Lethia Harvey

Camille Alaras 

Dita De Soto
Jad Delima

Aubrey M

Pam Aliaga

Zoe Tseng

Sarah Hoover

Jose Mendoza

Hali Espinoza

Valerie CarnyValScott

Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Christopher Alday

Naomi Molinar

Pamela Lewis

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